Glowing Shudder's Blue

She said don't fawn for me
Her eyes showed my masterstroke
Once she thought everyone was sung
Until the day the world smiled again

Blind folded towards the satanic sun,
she struck me like a cannon ball.
Under the invisible leash of love,
seized out of existence, out of the world.

With her skin receiving I can't refrain
She thrust her arrow like a blaze.
Floating scorpion on care free wind,
I'am the marionette in her hands.

Songs of a bird

Hey! Girl you said you'll never cry,
Unless I faked emotions at my feet.
I never said our love won't lie,
so our fantasy included you and me.
What I knew was you wouldn't be here,
with me.

When I bled to fill your drain,
When I tried to wash your pain.
Did you ever care?
Forgive me, I thought that you knew...
Did you know that I was too?

Seven skies everywhere you said,
I believed of angels you kissed.
Just tell me anything, I will die.
Just let me know which ever you wished.

It makes me weep on my own,
my psycho frame you may say.
It's so sad you don't know me
but for that day I'll wait.


After World - Blue Diamond

I wonder the screaming skies
as they change to helping need.
Fire that burned in the dimmest night,
heals all those who'll bleed.
But I sit with my head below,
searching for my lost tears.

Love, sympathy and life...
...blends the source of the real.

Since nothing is real anymore.

Three White Horses

Ride Once,
bled it and forgot the distance,
Why flying the weights
holding this eye lids?

Ride Twice,
forget about your life;
this fate sets you the ill.

Ride thrice,
blown like the wind,
Fade like the sun
that leveled your will.

....(26 - October 96)

Verses of Shiver - Part 2

Rise, rise the northern wind,
I lay beneath the sword of will.
Fuck the world's sadness,
why this path of disease and ill?
Blister the skin that show,
that rapped me a way to kill.
Silence and mares of the night.
The ride of the stallion
shit the living of this might.
Fuck off the bleeding man,
that blood that drips is mine.

THE PAIN - Verses of Shiver - Part 1

The garden that sweeps,
the roses and butterflies.
The souls that weep,
coldness of inner, the body lies.
Once upon a time the joker,
became the inducer of tears.
I the solitary shiverer,
of pain, regret and fears.
If my fate is more than black,
then the garden never smoked the soul.
I prefer hell and death,
than to live in this world.